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Scottish Collection: Project


Hi I'm Kimberley, the artist behind KimberleyART who has a love of exploring and painting Scotland's most beautiful traditional architecture. 

I grew up in rural Aberdeenshire countryside, where I was lucky to spend a lot of time exploring a variety of beautiful places, from tower houses such as Crathes castle to lighthouses on steep cliffs. Each place I've visited has its own unique character and I love to bring these places to life through paintings. 

I started painting castles and lighthouses while at university studying Architecture, and I have kept going ever since. In 2016 I set up an online shop to sell prints and my business has grown from there. I now also am very lucky to have the support from my dad who now manages my business development. 

Follow me on instagram @kimberley118 and facebook @kimberleyartetsy where you can see my latest paintings and where I've recently visited. 

My work is available to buy online through Etsy, where you can find a variety of products that feature my artwork including prints, coasters and magnets. I'm also open to take commissions, I love working with a customer to create a piece that is special to them! 

Hope you enjoy looking round!

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